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Whitepaper v1.0.1

Added withdraw limits to the king of the Island.
Added information about Mines locked slots.
Added information about Promo Drops and Roles.

Whitepaper v1.0.2

Whitepaper v1.0.3

Updated craft costs for Mines, Buildings, characters

Whitepaper v1.0.4

changed information about promo chest

Whitepaper v1.0.5

Updated Links
Updated craft costs for Mines, Buildings, characters to scale it even more with token prices.

Whitepaper v1.1.0

Updated all mining and craft rates
buildings now increase gold profit instead of reducing craft costs
added information about levels (mines, palace and worker can have 5 levels for each rarity
added whitelisting information
added sale date and info for mines

Whitepaper v1.1.1

Updated mining and craft rates
Changed withdraw fee to 4.5%

Whitepaper v2.0.0

Information about phase 2:Missions
Last modified 1yr ago