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Fees and Taxes


There are 3 types of taxes and fees that can affect the amount of profit each player can gain.
Type of Reduction
5% + (king's politicians boost)

Withdraw fee

When you want to send your tokens out of the game and to your wallet, you need to pay X percent of the amount as a withdraw fee.
Each time someone withdraws they lose 10% of their Voting power based on the amount withdrawn.
Minimum Withdraw fee can be lowered by using Politicians
The withdraw fee is send to the Island Treasury.

Island owner tax

Every time someone mines, X percentage of the profit goes to Island's Safe.
Island owner tax can be lowered by using Politicians.
Every time someone mines, Y percentage of the fee goes to the King of the Island's Safe.
This tax is can be changed by the current king of the Island and at start is set to maximum value (without king's politicians boosts).
King of the Island tax can be lowered by using Politicians.


Although King of the Island tax can be lowered by using Politicians, it can also get increase by the king of the Island's own number and rarity of Politicians.
For example:
If the king has 11 politicians with total of 70% tax increase and you have 11 politicians with same amount of tax reduction, then the result will be:
at first you might think the result will be (1.5). However it is not, because it will be increased and then decreased by percentage:
(5 + 70%) - 70% = (5 + 3.5) - 70% = 8.5 - 70% = 8.5 - 5.95 = 2.55
Another example:
Let us assume King of the Island tax is 5. (this number is in percentage but for simplicity we removed the percentage)
The current king's total tax increase = 18%
Your total tax reduction = 12%
Amount of King of the Island tax that you have to pay = (5 + 18%) - 12% = 5.192