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King of the Island

King of the Island is the most valuable and desirable title in though VariaLands.
Each Island can have a King. The king will be chosen by the King power .
Every Palace holder (Palace must be in the slot) in the Island can try to be the king.

The process is simple:

If your King power is higher than the current king's King power then you can replace him/her and become the new King of the Island!
This process is not automatic. So you have to click on the "Rebel against the King" button in order to try for kinghood.
If the island does not already have a king then whoever has done this process first will become the king. (you still have to have the minimum amount of king power in order to do this)
In case of Island having already a king, if the player has higher King power than the current king, he/she will become the new King of the Island and the circle of kinghood will continue.
However if a player tries to rebel against the king and he/she fails (by not having higher King power), then there is a penalty for him/her. The failed one will be charged 100 Gold. and he/she can not change his/her Island or remove his/her buildings from their slot, until he/she pays his/her penalty to the king of the island's safe.
When a new king in the Island rises, the amount of king power for everyone is reset to 0. Furthermore, the king's safe withdraw time resets to 0 as well.
Each time current king of the Island claims resources from the king's safe, his/her king power reduces by 20%. Also the king can only claim resources from the king's safe every 3 days.
The minimum amount of king power to be eligible for a rebellion against the current king or rising as the first king is 15000.